Sci-fi healthcare center

Sci-fi healthcare center is an extraordinary answer of the fundamental question “What will life be like in the close future”. This is our idea for the healthcare environment, where all the advanced medical knowledge will be focused, personnel, high-tech equipment. Our concept is based on organic connectivity between building structure, medical equipment and high-speed internet connection.

              In other words, the medical center of the future is a model of the human organism: the building is the man`s body, the equipment - the organs, and the information technologies - the artificial intelligence nervous system - a super powerful computer. That is why it is important for the building to be extremely well planned - in order to get the symbiosis with high-tech equipment and above all - to function in the most efficient way.

              In volume-planning terms, the building has three distinct functional groups:

Zone A "Health" - this is the real medical center.

Zone B "recreation and spa" - here there are toning procedures and relaxation

Zone C "public" - a place for public events

Zone A /Health/


- Built-up area: 8000 sq.m. (4000 sq.m. on 1st                  level, 4000 sq.m. on 2nd level);

- landscaped courtyard - 2800 sq.m.;

- 1st floor is raised by 5.5m. above terrain.

Zone B /recreation and spa/


- Built-up area: 3000 sq.m.

- water-based recreation concept;

- the level is raised by 18m. above terrain.

Designers: M.Arch. Borislav Krastev and M.Arch. Tsvetina Krivoshieva 

Idea author Alex Vasilyev


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